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Charles Lewis

935 Lies

The Future of Truth and the Decline of America's Moral Integrity

Credits and Acknowledgements  

As I mentioned in 935 Lies, “this book would have not come to fruition without the genius and brilliant sensibilities of my friend and former colleague at the Center for Public Integrity, Alan Green – an incredibly talented reporter, writer, and editor, but more broadly, sage.”

And in “A Note from the Author” on p. 248, I also wrote: “I will always warmly remember and appreciate the long hours and magnificent dedication and “heart” of every Center for Public Integrity Board and Advisory Board member, staffer and intern with whom I had the honor of working. Thank you and May the Force Be With You!” I should have also added “contract writers and editors” – my apologies, for this alone is no small number.

How does an idea become an institution over time? Because a growing number of multi-talented people with eclectic interests and backgrounds begin to share the vision of “the possible” and the excitement of doing something significant and memorable, together. As one staff person becomes dozens of employees and then, over the years, hundreds of “alumni,” what stands out especially are those who shouldered the heaviest burdens, bore the most responsibility and became the pillars of strength within the organization. Unfortunately, through the difficult, three-manuscript editing process, what I wrote about the importance of these unsung individuals (and my personal gratitude to them) was almost entirely eliminated from the book’s final chapter.

Below is the best available list of the men and women who worked with me in any of these capacities (full or part-time staff, interns, contract writers and editors) between 1989 through 2004. If you worked at the Center in any of those ways and your name is not listed here (or it is misspelled), please know that the omission is entirely inadvertent and that I sincerely apologize – please contact me and I will happily add your name. Conversely, if you would prefer that your name not be listed, for any reason, please also let me know.

Special thanks to keepers of the alumni flame Diane Renzulli and Leah Rush, Center MVPs who at the Center orchestrated the first systematic journalism efforts in U.S. history to track conflicts of interest reporting about state legislators in ALL 50 states -- Diane one of the very first full-time employees hired. Thanks also to current Center staff members for kindly, carefully, patiently assembling this important information, below:

CPI Employees 1989 - 2004

Marchel Abner

Chris Adasiewicz

Ahmad Ahmad

Yevgenia Albats

Michelle Algria

Kate Alexander

Arthur Allen

Bill Allison

Ted Amley

Tangeni Amuphadi

Anne Anderson

Carlos Anquizola

Rui Araujo

Justin Arenstein

Agustin Armendariz

Semira Asfaha

Iqbal Athas

Angela Baggetta

Elizabeth Baker

Ann Baldinger

Bill Baldwin

Josey Ballenger

Nicholas Banovetz

Michelle Barer

Kevin Baron

Apama Basnyat

Michael Baxter

Maud Beelman

Alejandro Benes

Jessica Berman

Sarah Bierenbaum

Michael Bilton

William Birnbauer

Cheryl Bishop

Grifty Boateng

Kevin Bogardus

Amy Bohm

Gregory Bologna

Rebecca Borders

Gina Bramucci

Pamela Brogan

Lloyd Brown

Elizabeth Brown

Aubrey Bruggeman

Justin Buchler

Steve Burkholder

Rachel Burstein

James Collard

Marianne Camerer

Duncan Campbell

Bob Carty

Esther Cassidy

Philip Caston

Kevin Chaffee

Carlos Ferrando Chamorro

Megan Chernly

Renee Christopher

Joseph Clamon

Margaret Clark

George Clifford

Ben Coates

Jean Cobb

Krystal Cobb

Alexander Cohen

Gayle Collins

Cindy Collins

Jeffery Cook

Karen Cooper

Sheila Coronel

Angela Corridan

Cari Costanza

Ross Coulthart

Kathleen Crocker

Paul Cuadros

Bernadette Cullen

David Dagan

Sarah Dalglish

Sunday Dare

Jerry Dasti

Zoe Davidson

Bill Dawson

Walter de Bock

Dain DeMarco

David DePerro

Joseph Dietrich

Julia DiLaura

Josh Dine

C.C. Dockery

Kristen Dorsey

Matthew Draper

John Dunbar

Benjamin Duncan

Margaret Ebrahim

Russell Eckenrod

Samiya Edwards

Peter Eisner

David Engel

Ben Ephson

Stephanie Epstein

Bob Fagan

Dan Fagin

Shannon Feaster

Josh Zivo Feit

Deirdre Fernandes

Camille Fitzpatrick

Catherine Flynn

Juan Luis

Janice Forry

Brianne Frazier

Spencer Freedman

Suzanne Fry

Teo Furtado

Jackie Gallagher

Erin Gallavan Bartels

Helen Gao

Caleb Gauen

Mimi Ghez

Catherine Gicheru

Nicole Gill

Ben Glenn

Julio Godoy

Claire Goldstein

Jennifer Goldstein

Ignacio Gomez

Joelle Goode

Allison Gooding

Neil Gordon

Gustavo Goritti

Josie Goytisolo

Natasha Grant

Alan Green

Eric Greenberg

Matthew Greller

Thomas Greving

Jennifer Gross

Tamy Guberek

Ted Gup

Dan Guttman

Nicky Hager

Vanessa Haigh

Elizabeth Hannan

Adrianne Hari

Mary Harrill

Rachel Harris

Andreas Harsono

Beth Hawkins

Jamie Heisler

Nathaniel Heller

Sheryl Henderson

Donine Henshaw

Janet Higbie

Erika Hobbs

Matt Hoenck

Bill Hogan

Nicholas Hoge

Lidsey Holden

Marianne Holt Viray

Kristian Horvei

Carlos Huertas

Sara Hunt

Daniel Ikenson

David Isenberg

L’Kenya Jackson

Hima Jain

Patricia Jamison

Dana Jensen

Morgan Jindrich

Regina Joseph

Rakesh Kalshian

Sheila Kaplan

Melissa Kaplan

Reyaz Alim Kassamali

Javed Khan

Leslie Knee

Alex Knott

Eva Koehler

Julia Kohen

John Kruger

Alain Lallemand

Roel Landingin

Kenny Langone

Betsy LaRoche

J.D. LaRock

Matthew Lash

Daniel Lathrop

Marianne Lavelle

Julie Leimbach

Elizabeth Lewis (no relation)

Katy Lewis (no relation)

Hans Leyendecker

Irene Lin

Gwen Lister

Karen Litsinger

Kathleen Liu

Vicki Lorenz

Abigail Lounsbury Morrow

Sam Loewenberg

Daniel Maffei

Arfa Mahmoud

Larry Makinson

Julie Manes Bostian

Miglena Mantcheva

Myra Marcaurelle

Lauren Marks

William Marsden

Ned Martel

Eric Marx

Julie Mathers

Adam Mayle

Brenda Mayrack

Erin McCarthy

Michelle McGrorty

Colin McLaren

Gwen McLin

Ellen McPeake

Janel McTaggart

Yossi Melman

Anne Miller

Stephanie Miller

Julia Miller-Lemon

Katie Mills

Meredith Milton

Joe Minadeo

Tim Mitsuhiro Yoshida

Tracy Mobley-Martinez

Goenawan Mohamad

Curtis Moore

Shawna Moos

Christine Morente

D’Arcy Morgan

Robert Morilno

Carolyn Mueller

Sue Millin

Richard Mullins

Metin Munir

Patrick Murck

Muneeza Naqvi

Michelle Neyland

Han Nguyen

Terri Nunn

Goeffrey Nyarota

Meredith O’Brien

Jennifer O’Brien

Meghan O’Donnell

Bill O’Sullivan

Tayo Odunlami

Chris Olson

Alicia Oman

Avril Orloff

Paez Paez

Tony Pals

Laksmi Pamuntjak

Chahandras Pandya

Sugesh Panicker

Ann Parker

Sapna Patel

Monte Paulsen

Jacques Pauw

Sean Peoples

Jim Perez

Laura Peterson

Johnson Philip

Julia Picard

Aron Pihofer

Charles Piller

Ann Pincus

Daniel Politi

Andrew Porterfield

Richard Prince

Olena Prytula

Jennifer Puckett

Encarnacio Pyle

Lisa Rab

Paul Radu

Mark Reading-Smith

Shannon Rebholz

Laura Reed

Meredith Reid

Diane Renzulli

Leonarda Reyes

Jennifer Rezeli

Dana Reznick

Anya Richards

Orion Riggs

Kera Ritter

Fernando Rodrigues

Peter Roff

Maria Teresa Ronderos

Christopher Rosche

Knut Royce

Patel Rupa

Leah Rush

Regina Russell

Helen Sanderson

Genna Sankin

Daniela SantaMaria

Daniel Santoro

Jennifer Sarnelli

Susan Schaab Sullivan

Barbara Schecter

Erik Schelzig

Robert Schlesinger

Eric Schultenover

K.J. Scotta

Paramita Sen

John Sents

Niyati Shah

Jacqueline Sharkey

Jeff Shear

Deb Sherer

Mark Sherman

Annys Shin

Sadia Shirazi

Gil Shochat

Seth Shulman

Ken Silverstein

Scott Singleton

Leo Sisti

Susan Smith

Frank Smyth

Mungo Soggot

Janice Sperry

Kendra Stanton

Joshua Starr

Christine Stavem

Dan Steinberg

Melanie Strong

Carlos Subero

Daniel Suleiman

Mary-Catherine Cullivan

Ellen Sung

Julia Sweig

Mary Jo Sylwester

Marianne Szegedy-Maszak

Steven Taylor

Shaun Taylor-Corbett

Joshua Templet

Matt Thompson

Own Thompson

Russ Tisinger

Claudio Julio Tognolli

Sara Towles

Tamara Traubmann

Amy Treadwell

Christopher Tritto

Robert Tsai

Orit Ture

Philip van Niekerk

Megan Vaughan

Vicki Velasquez

Andre Verlöy

Kenneth Vogel

Dominic Vote

Scott Wahlin

Paul Waldman

Kathryn Wallace

Mary Beth Warner

Nancy Watzman

Douglas Weber

Brian Weiler

Rebecca Wein

Steve Weinberg

Jonathan Werve

Derrick Wetherell

Brian White

Cherie Whitfield

Katharine Widland

Joseph Williams

Bob Williams

Brooke Williams

Derek Willis

Eric Wilson

Katherine Wilson-Milne

William Wing

Pam Woods Sarich

Shaun Young

Amy Zader

Maggy Zanger

Just as there could be no organization with its full-time, part-time and contracted staff, of course, there certainly would be no Center for Public Integrity itself without a formal Board of Directors overseeing the evolution, policies and vision of the nonprofit corporation.

The only Center Board of Directors names mentioned specifically in the book are the first three listed on the Articles of Incorporation papers filed in the District of Columbia on March 30, 1989. I will never forget the informality of my early conversations with Alex Benes and Charlie Piller – my two journalist friends who did not know each other previously, one from print journalism, one from TV news, one on the West Coast, one on the East Coast. We discussed and occasionally debated various issues – over the phone, over Alex’s pool table at his home in northern New Jersey, in the outfield of the Baltimore Orioles’ Memorial Stadium (since demolished), over great dinners in Baltimore’s Little Italy, and once in one particular vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco (which I am still laughing about), etc. Those exchanges are indelibly etched in my mind, including the magnificent wit, patience, perspective and sage wisdom of my co-conspirators.

But here, more fully, I want to acknowledge and formally thank all of the members of the Board of Directors (and the Advisory Board) with whom I served at any time between 1989 through 2004 (and if I missed a name, my apologies and please let me know). Thank you for the invaluable time and resources you expended on behalf of our “excellent adventure” and your belief in and your support for the Center for Public Integrity! The names below are listed alphabetically:

Board of Directors

Alejandro "Alex" Benes

Hodding Carter III

Alan J. Dworsky

Bruce Finzen

Josie Goytisolo

Bill Hogan

Bill Kovach

Susan Loewenberg

Bevis Longstreth

Paula Madison

John E. “Chico” Newman

Geneva Overholser

Charles “Charlie” Piller

Allen Pusey

Ben Sherwood

Marianne Szegedy-Maszak

Isabel Wilkerson

Finally, I am very grateful to Tarek Anandan, for his exceptional web design of my personal website in general, Investigating Power, and this book site in particular. I have had the privilege of working with him for a decade or so now, and it is a terrific and continuing collaboration!


935 Lies

by Charles Lewis

The Future of Truth and the Decline of America's Moral Integrity